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Who will be there for You if I give You a reading?

I am not here to promise You, that exactly the one You want to talk to will show up in the reading. Sometimes they do, but sometimes they do not. But please rest assured that there are a various amount of loved ones that love You and want to communicate with You in respect to Your current life situation and help and uplift You as well. So if the one You want to communicate with does not step forward, someone from Your family and friends, sometimes even someone You were not aware of at all, definitly will step forward and talk to You.


What happens in a Spirit Reading?

The Moment I connect to You either in person or over the internet I connect to You also energetically. As there is no death and all of our loved ones that have made the Transition into the Spirit World are as equally connected to You as they have been before, but not through their bodies but through their energy, when I connect to You I connect to them as well and thus I am able to receive messages that they send. These will be messages that include names, incidents, dates and/or other forms of information that will serve as an indication that they are present- as I do not know neither You in person nor these informations.


How long will the reading take?

The reading will take about 30-45 minutes.


How much is the reading?

The reading is 50 €.


How do I order a reading?

Click the contact button which will lead You to the contact page. Either write me an email, that You wish to receive a reading or go directly to the paypal button to confirm Your order.


In what language will the reading be given?

You may choose amongst english, german or greek.






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For the last years I have been giving Spirit Readings around the world in person or via the Internet.

If You are in need of contacting a loved one or You need any form of spiritual upliftment, please contact me.




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